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Build a Mother’s Day Balloon


Customise your balloon and scroll back up to check how it looks before placing your order!


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We will will pop this note onto a card and include it with your Balloon!

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Build your Mother’s Day Balloon and personalise it with Ireland’s only bubble balloon designer which lets you see a live preview of your design as you choose your options. A bubble balloon is perfect for any occasion, whether you’re buying it yourself as a decoration for an event or as a gift for someone special. Our Red Balloon Box is a special  “ColourMeIn” box, giving hours of creative fun for adults and children alike.

With an adorable range that suits Mother’s Day, we can deliver to anywhere in Ireland.

We also add in a tiny surprise in every box. Our inflated balloons are sent out on a day you choose via delivery service so you’ll be guaranteed to receive it fully inflated. Longer lasting than foil balloons, these designs can stay inflated for 2 weeks on average.

How To Design Your Balloon

  1. Choose your balloon from
  2. Choose your tail from
  3. Choose your base, gold or purple
  4. Choose your font and write your message (We will choose the best layout for this when we build your balloon!)
  5. Choose whether to add a gift card to your balloon

Every Balloon includes delivery and is sent in a fantastic box to colour and decorate which kids and grownups absolutely adore!

Choose your balloon

Hearts Intertwined, Pink Dots, Rainbow, Love

Choose a tail

Pink and Black Discs, Green Purple Blue Discs, Multicoloured Discs, Pink Hearts, Red and White Hearts

Choose a base

Gold Base, Purple Base

Choose a font

Cooper, Curlz, Marker Felt, Script, Unicorn